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No time limits on God

on January 4, 2012

A few days ago my niece posted the following status on Facebook:

Ahhh…. I hate whn ppl put a time frame on God. Y does it matter how long ur in church. How bout God put a time frame on his air ur breathing. Whn u at a game and they go into over time r u upset. R whn ur shopping… or waiting in line for som Jordans. Really ppl. 3, 4 hrs is the least u cld gv God he did give us life after all Ugh…..

She makes a good point–after all, it IS His world, and we’re just living in it. And it is a small sacrifice on our part considering all of the sacrifices God in all of his personages has made on our behalf. But what do you do if the atmosphere makes that time feel more like a chore than a privilege? I’ve been in short services that have felt like hours and in long services that have flown by. How do you spend the time without connecting to the fellowship?

A radio ministry I listen to spoke about the nature and quality of our worship, stating that us “feeling” it is irrelevant. We are not supposed to “get” something out of our worship, as the act of worship is not intended for OUR benefit, but for God’s. The marvelous, melodic praise team, the dancing and the shouting, the preacher and his Powerpoints–those are not the reasons to worship. We worship because it is what we owe God…and we owe him the best of it. We can’t say that we “put in our time” and that’s sufficient for God. Not only is that parceling out the time due to God, but it’s generally lip service and not wholehearted.

On a personal note, I definitely struggle with focusing during service–I usually have 500 other things on my mind, and when I do try to focus solely on the sermon it takes so many tangents from the Bible text I have no idea what I was supposed to have learned. The order of service is so ingrained in me that it’s easy to zone out there, too. Where do I begin to find a connection? I suppose it lies in a true relationship with God, and I’m working on that, too….though saying it after 4 decades of life is a little hard to admit. But I will try harder…and hope that I’m offering my best.


2 responses to “No time limits on God

  1. evanlaar1922 says:

    Great opening statements…thanks….blessings

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