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7 principles to Catalyze your church–article share

on January 5, 2012

Here are seven principles to catalyze a community whether you are trying to start a church, small group, ministry, a non-profit organization:

Principle #1: Cause creates community.

Our cause = moving people to become the person God created them to be.

Principle #2: Meet the needs of those around us.

We need to seek to meet the physical, emotional, economic, and spiritual needs of those around us. We should be pursue helping change the environment and change the individual who is looking for change.

Principle #3: Reach out to Xenos

Hospitality means loving strangers. A similar word, “hospice,” means “a safe place.” Our homes, our businesses, and our churches should become safe places for strangers to experience kindness and love.

Principle #4: Develop authentic friendships with those you know.

Are we loving, serving, and influencing our family, neighbors, co-workers and friends? Jesus was willing to ruin His reputation to reach out to others who were far from God.

Principle #5: Allow people to belong before they believe.

We should never allow our convictions to become a litmus test for friendship. In fact, we should actively pursue friendships with people – even people with whom we may disagree.

Principle #6: Raise up a team of leaders to replace you.

MPAC = Ministry through a pastor, assimilator, and catalyst. We need to make decisions based on who is not yet here rather than who has been here the longest.

Finally, and perhaps most important: Principle #7: Start Over!



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