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Intentions and that troublesome road

on January 17, 2012

I started this blog with, yes, the best of intentions. I set it up well before my first post hit the Internet on New Year’s Day–even made sure to have a couple scheduled because I knew I’d have a busy time with New Year’s and Kwanzaa and just everyday life. And then my computer decided it didn’t need to recharge itself anymore. True, I could definitely have found another source to type and post from–and I did initially. Went to my mom’s and scheduled three more posts. Even got a Nook Tablet for Christmas that gave me Internet access until my laptop came back. But then typing by touchpad started to frustrate me. So I said, I’ll write them by hand and catch up–I’ve got sermon notes from Sunday services I could transcribe and some other topics I want to address and then type and pre-schedule. yeah…never happened. Worked on the other blog and some household stuff, plus prepping for my new York adventure…but no blog posts. I’d like to console myself with having faithfully done my devotions every day without fail, but even those I missed days on. I’d eventually play catch-up, but it’s not the goal I set. And of course I’m beating myself up about it. But I’m back (as well as my laptop) and I INTEND to play catch-up and get back on track. I’m going to make the effort. And that’s all God asks of us anyway, right?


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