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Following THEIR example

on January 29, 2012

Another Youth Sunday has passed at my church and I can honestly say I am impressed by the our young members are putting forth. I am always pleased to see them participate in the service (whether there was arm twisting involved or not), but two moments tickled and impressed me so that it made me think about the examples WE set for young Christians. First, I’ll mention my young friend Jaelyn, who presented a four-page biography on the life of Madame C. J. Walker as an early kick-off to Black History Month. It took a while as she carefully read through all of her facts, but she was very clear and very well-spoken. I should take the time to mention that Jaelyn is not yet 8 years old. At 7 or 8 years old I think I barely had the words to “Jesus Loves Me” memorized, and this baby is saying words like “tenacity” and “dedication” like they were words in the Dick and Jane primers some of us remember from grade school. Also, she didn’t just read the words in front of her–she was extremely expressive and engaging. When I complimented her on a job well done, her grandmother told me that she tried to talk Jaelyn into editing her piece a little so there wasn’t so much to read, but Jaelyn would have no part of it, saying “the people need to know these things.” That child, as my grandmother used to say, has been here before.

But what most delighted me this morning was during collection when our youth ushers came to pass the plates. There were two young men of high school age listed in the bulletin, but I discovered as I turned to pass the plate that they had a helper–three-year old Sean, dapper in his necktie and sweater vest and taking his usher duties quite seriously. True, his mom was standing with him and pointing him to the correct rows to go down, but he brought the plates up to the altar without her. Didn’t drop a thing, didn’t trip and fall, bowed at the altar and did his day’s duty. Once done, he bounded back down the aisle to his mom and said, “I did it!” Would that we all would have that level of excitement about church and God and service. The main purpose of having Youth Sunday outside of giving them a voice is to teach them what they are to do, but I think they–all of them, but particularly Jaelyn and young Sean–are OUR role models on this day. May we proudly and cheerfully worship and serve, and bound down the aisle to celebrate with our Father that “we did it!”

P.S. I am told that, upon being guided on what to do and when, young Sean said, “I got it, Mommy.” Now I KNOW THAT one has definitely been here before…possibly a few times.


2 responses to “Following THEIR example

  1. LaShanda Prevost says:


    This is an awesome article. As I prepared the program for Youth Sunday I prayed the children would practice their parts and do well. I must say they ALL were AWESOME! Jaelyn and Sean (my son) were the hit acts on the program. I was truly impressed with Jaelyn and how she read her part with life. I asked Jaelyn three weeks ago to be on program. I told her aunt to help her find a reading on a black history leader who is a woman. I can’t take credit for her selection….it was all Jaelyn! When she came to church Sunday I simply asked her was she ready and she replied yes. I had no idea what we would receive. She’s truly a blessing to our church. Now as for my little son Sean….also another shocker! He wasn’t even on program! He was following behind his big cousin Chris who was on program. He was determined to do his job without me. Lol. He made me a proud mommy in church. I had no idea he would want to help out with collection. I guess the spirit moved him too! I was excited that he was excited. He really was a big boy! The whole time he was carrying the collection tray to the altar I was saying to myself “Lord don’t let him drop them plates.” I’m proud to say I had the lead hand in making our Youth SundayYouth Sunday a success. Until next time I continue to pray that our church thrive as we are bringing it back to life. Next Youth Sunday is in April….I wonder what God has in store for us……#tobecontinued

  2. Now you KNOW you weren’t the only one uttering that prayer! LOL I didn’t doubt that he was capable–I just expected that capability in a couple more years. That’ll teach US to underestimate our boy!

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