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Is it an Obstacle or an Opportunity? | Michael Hyatt

on January 29, 2012

Is it an Obstacle or an Opportunity? | Michael Hyatt.

Finally watched the video yesterday. Not quite what I expected, but it illustrated the message quite well. As a dancer, I have often encountered obstacles that I had to get past–one performance had me resort to my backup CD (since I couldn’t use my Zune) which wound up skipping and getting stuck. Determined, I had the audience clap the rhythm so I could finish the piece. Despite the hiccups, my new little niece was fascinated and I received many compliments on my performance. Even this past Sunday (again due to lack of new technology and the inability to use my Zune), I had to improvise with a microphone and a Magic Bullet speaker for the contemporary service’s Hymn of the Day. Brand new song, unfamiliar to the congregation, and yet we pulled it off. This is opening minds and doors as far as more active participation within our current membership, and possibly leading to better outreach and growth. May we always manage to take those available lemons and make some lemonade and meringue pie to share with others.


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