Practicing Christian

My journey to getting it right….

on March 23, 2012


A very simple question that we might consider asking ourselves as paid or volunteer church leaders is, “What is the church?” Sometimes it feels more like a machine than a community of people sharing Christ together. Along these lines, I always appreciate Eugene Peterson’s seasoned insights, like this one: 

“Another common way to avoid community is to turn the church into an institution. In this way people are not treated on the basis of personal relationships but in terms of impersonal functions. Goals are set that will catch the imagination of the largest numbers of people; structures are developed that will accomplish the goal through planning and organization. Organizational planning and institutional goals become the criteria by which the community is defined and evaluated. In the process the church becomes less and less a community, that is, people who pay attention to each other, ‘brothers and sisters,’ and more and more…

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