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I remember speaking with an ‘apostle’ one day.  We were talking about ‘hearing from God.  Since being led by God is a sign of being a son of God, and one cannot be led unless they have ears to hear, this was a very important topic for me.  I was very interested in hearing what this person had to say (or teach) about hearing from God.

I was with him and agreed with everything he was saying until he proclaimed, ‘I hear the audible voice of God every day.’ My spirit man screeched to a sudden halt.

Then he went on to say, ‘if someone doesn’t hear from God every day, then something is wrong with them.  They’re not right with God.  If you’re a prophet, you MUST hear from God…EVERY DAY.’

The Spirit of God in me immediately sent up a red flag when I heard this, so I…

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Prayer Practice – Tuesday, July 10, 2012 | Daily Word

This is a lot of where I’d like to be…..

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