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Lord, Teach Me To Pray

on April 10, 2016


I came across this image in my Internet travels and it immediately struck a chord with me. I have never been one at ease with daily prayer. Sure, I was taught the standard mealtime and bedtime prayers every child learns in their early Christian education, but their simplicity never seems enough as one grows and deals with the complexities of adulthood. I try with the written routine of devotional and fall out of habit, and then I look around at friends able to bring forth the most fruitful prose with ease…and feel inadequate and incapable in my efforts.

Even these six simple actions seem paltry, especially compared to the major woes and tragedies Life seems to keep tossing into my orbit. And yet, it is something I feel is within my grasp…something I am able to do. Some that I HAVE been doing thinking it’s not enough. I suppose it’s just in our nature as humans to think there is more we can do to make sure God notices us, particularly if His timing seems slow to nonexistent. And that repeating the same paltry actions is only ceremonial and incapable of changing anything.

Still practicing…..


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