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Bible In A Year* (….and a half, by now)


So I re-started this journey through the Bible sometime last year, as I chronicled here. After many, many date shifts and catch-up days I have managed to muddle to halfway through. It’s a little more difficult now that the phone reminders have stopped; once my plan calendar reached (this date) and the last chapter of Revelation they considered their work finished. Updates to the YouVersion app allowed me to discover a tab for the entire plan laid out by month instead of just by day, and in that view, you can click on any of the individual days you missed. Right now I’m wading through Leviticus for the Old Testament and Mark’s gospel in the New Testament, plus the typical Psalms and Proverbs passages. Can I tell you that reading about all these ceremonial specifics and qualifications is EXTREMELY TEDIOUS? I have to believe there is some practical purpose for reading about sin, guilt, burnt and praise offerings in this day and age….but as I’m not bringing livestock to the altar unless it’s those big wooden figures we use for the Nativity, I’m struggling to see the point. And to say that my mind wanders is a gross understatement.

Nevertheless, I continue to try. Being partially unplugged for this Consecration Fast effort (the social media component I’ve handled fairly well, but I’m probably taking liberties with the diet) has helped to free up some time so at best, the falloff has been maybe two or three days. Discovering the audio on the app is a mixed blessing–it helps in those chapters full of unpronounceable names and even adds the readalong book experience I enjoyed as a child, but more often than not I’ll play it just to listen and wind up falling asleep on it and having to listen several more times to ingest it all. Bible by osmosis is not what the goal is.

Of course, once I DO manage to get through it the first time, I’ll need to go back for deeper study and analysis. But this is a daunting enough task as it is. I’ll just focus on these small samples for now until I’m ready to sit at the grown-ups’ table.

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Making Time–The Bible In A Year Challenge

So I’m trying once again to read the entire Bible in one year….I signed up online once before but it was tied to my old email account that I got hacked and locked out of, and I believe the website I was using shut down. Since my Nook died I decided to download the YouVersion Bible app onto the smartphone I was bullied into getting, and when I saw that they offered various Bible study reading plans I figured why not? (The fact that my Katrina pastor kind of shamed me back into it with a post that said, “If you have time for Facebook, you have time to read the Bible” might have factored into my decision a LITTLE….)

A little disconcerting that it started me on the same plan day as everyone else–instead of coming in at the beginning of Genesis and Matthew, I started with Job and 2 Corinthians. And not just Job–the END of Job, where he’s sitting in sackcloth and ashes and giving in to cursing God and then God gives him what-for. Interesting place to just jump in. The Hee-Haw song Gloom, Despair and Agony On Me kept ringing in my head as I was reading, especially since the next few days of reading was Ecclesiastes. Not exactly the most fulfilling and motivating reading here.

On top of that, the app is giving me awards and incentives and such–medals for completing my day’s reading or bookmarking or highlighting a verse. As I suspected, I started with a bang and then petered out, falling behind a few days….and it’s only been less than a week. I managed to catch up within one day on Monday….and then fell behind again. What’s more demoralizing is that my app sends me emails:


Um, yeah. Thanks. I KNOW.Though the option is a nice touch to help folks overwhelmed with daily reading not throw in the towel. I may wind up needing it.

I figured since I’m supposed to be “practicing” I should share my journeys and struggles and well as the reposts that inspire me. That’s the whole reason I started this blog in the first place. Hopefully I can recommit to this as well as the reading challenge and get to the “practiced” stage–build those Spirit Man muscles!